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Our Doctors

Chelsea Hamilton, MD

Dr. Hamilton attended the University of Oregon Clark Honors College and graduated . . .

Frederick D M Moore, MD

Dr. Moore is a board-certified orthopedic surgeon who specializes in spinal surgery. He received a B.S. in chemistry . . .

Benjamin Krepps, DO

Dr. Krepps was born and raised in Frederick County.  He graduated from Middletown High School . . .

David Zehrung, PhD
Clinical Psychologist

Dr. David Zehrung earned his PhD in clinical psychology from George Mason University and since 1998 has served . . .

David M Bartoszek, MD

Dr. David Bartoszek is an exceptional Neurologist with vast experience in General Neurology and Neuromuscular . . .

Steven L. Strauss, MD

Dr. Strauss is a board-certified neurologist with nearly thirty years of clinical experience. . .

Ralph Salvagno, MD

Dr. Salvagno is the founder of Main Street IME Physicians. He is a nationally renowned Orthopaedic Surgeon . . .


As an attorney in Western Maryland and the surrounding states my practice is exclusively personal injury. As such I have a number of cases involving the Doctors at Main Street IME. The Doctors have evaluated my Clients on both sides, plaintiff and defense. Each and every time I have had any interaction with Main Street IME the Doctors and staff are always prompt, professional, and accommodating.

The staff and Doctors always work with my Office; clients and other attorneys to arrange a convenient location and time in one of their many offices whether it is for an evaluation, discovery deposition, or trial deposition. The fees for their services are reasonable and well within or under those in the greater metropolitan region.

The staff is always there to help, answer questions, and return phone calls; and the Doctors are prompt and efficient in scheduling and issuing reports without delay. The Doctors with whom I have interacted whether they are retained by the Defense or Plaintiff are personable and communicate their opinions in clear and concise language whether in a report or testimony.

Bradley J. Reed, Esquire

Britt Reed Law Offices in Hagerstwon

Hagerstown, MD