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Services for Examinees

Main Street IME performs medical exams

Main Street IME Physicians serves insurance companies , insurance adjusters, plaintiff’s attorneys, defense attorneys and their clients. We recognize that is our duty to provide fair and unbiased opinions regarding injuries that occur both at work and from liability situations such as motor vehicle accidents.

Our physicians and psychologists all have extensive clinical experience. We strive to offer timely reports to the requesting party. We are not permitted to release reports to the examinee.

Please bring any CDs of diagnostic studies (MRI, CT, x-rays) if you have them available. The requesting party generally send reports but not the study themselves.

Please feel free to bring any additional records you might have. Although we receive records from the requesting party, they may not be up to date. We will copy the records that you bring and submit them with our report.

It is helpful to have a list of medications available. Please note what medications you are using for the injury or condition to be evaluated .

We are not permitted to re-schedule appointments without the permission of the requesting party.

Please review the website for directions to the location of your examination. Several of our offices (Frederick , National Harbor) are performed in rented office suites so that our examinees do not have to travel far. These offices will not have Main Street IME on the door.