Rotator cuff injuries

Rotator Cuff Tears: Workers’ Compensation-Compliance and Outcomes

Reports of less than optimal outcome for Rotator Cuff Repair in patients receiving Worker’s Compensation been published in the orthopaedic literature for greater than 20 years. 1  This is
not meant to diminish the role of rotator cuff repairs in this population since substantial benefit still ensues regardless of disparity in return to previous activity2.

More recently, researchers have attempted to identify prognostic factors that may explain these disparities .Bhatia et al identified alcohol use as “ the only prognostic factor to show a
significant association with return to restricted-duty employment and repair failure.” 3  Cuff et. al identified “noncompliance “ as a significant factor stating, “Those Workers’ Compensation patients who had no evidence of noncompliance had significant improvements and more favorable outcomes than the noncompliant Workers’ Compensation patients.” Beletsky et. al suggested that preoperative assessment of functional status might improve outcomes.4

In my experience , a careful pre-operative assessment of worker’s functional status and return to work expectations as well as timely repair and a defined pre-approved post-operative recovery program offers the best opportunity for optimal outcomes.

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